One of the hardest things an agency has to do is to justify the fee their clients pay them. This is because, it is not easy to show a correlation between what an agency does and the result it produces for clients. Which is why, agencies tend to hide behind results that are produced in research reports rather than the actual sales in the market place. At Plan B, we know that insights do not come from research. We understand that consumers are people first. And people behave in ways that are unpredictable. Any psychiatrist will tell you that. So how do you understand them? Well, there is no formula for this. Great consumer insight comes with inspired observation, in being able to pick an understanding from people as people rather than consumers. Plan B thrives on consumer insights and we exceed our expectations in finding them. This comes from years of experience, keen observation and an ability to think simple. We partner with all leading market research firms to devise the appropriate research methodology. We strongly recommend using formal research ONLY for the following requirements.

  • Understanding of the Category – trends, realities, gaps and opportunities
  • Understanding of consumers in relation with the Category
  • Estimation of opportunity
  • Understanding of the problem

  In essence, we believe that formal research should be used to bring clarity to the past and present. Not ever to gauge the future.