There are a number of reasons why Brands fail to cut-it in the market place. That’s usually the time when clients look for a Plan B.


Take a look at a few of our case studies that helped transform the fortunes of these brands:

Brand Strategy and Positioning

At Plan B, we believe that great strategic planning begins with the way we define the problem or the opportunity. The clearer we are about where we want to go, the easier it gets to find a way there.

Plan B will help in determining a sharply defined goal for your brand or business in close collaboration with you. We will then develop a clear milestone based roadmap that will help you achieve this goal. Behind some of our best work is a very sharply focused strategy.

  • We bring all our experience to help clients
  • Sharply define the problem or opportunity
  • Uncover a deep consumer insight
  • Develop a strategy that is rooted in business reality


All our strategies are based on our understanding of what will actually work in the real world.

For instance, clients do not always have large marketing budgets. It is important that the strategy reflects this reality.