The John F. Welch Technology Centre is one of GE’s premier research establishments worldwide. With a workforce of 5000 scientists, technologists engineers and support staff, it is a highly educated and intelligent environment. Over the course of several years, we helped brand and communicate (and in some cases design) a series of initiatives to engage our audience to improve skills, their way of working, attract new talent, build values as well as a range of other activities.

Restart: time to come back

More often than not, when an Indian woman marries, the countdown to her giving up her carrier begins. When she has a baby, she usually quits work. At GE this led to two problems: loss of talent and reduction in diversity. To stem this and re-attract women to the workforce, GE devised a package involving flexi-time and child support facilities. We branded this programme Restart.

(this case is covered in detail in our case studies section)

Engineer’s Engineer: a way of working

The head of engineering at GE was concerned that many of the younger technologists and engineers were not doing enough real-world work and were too content to run computer simulations. To help them appreciate the fact that engineering innovation has to prove itself in the real world, we created a programme called the Engineer’s Engineers and highlighted what engineering really means in the real world. It was the most successful in the Centre’s history.

(this case is covered in detail in our case studies section)

Bridges: building links between disciplines

In a huge multi-disciplinary organisation, there is a tendency for people to not look beyond their own function/task/discipline. To encourage more interaction and discussion between its technologists, GE launched a series of lectures and seminars. We branded this Bridges and challenged the audience with a series of quizzes which highlighted the benefits of thinking outside the cubicle.

Edison Challenge: inspiring engineers in the making

Like many other technology companies, GE tries to attract students even before they graduate. GE student engagement programme challenged students to come up with solutions for live (and complex) engineering problems. We named this initiative The Edison Challenge and highlighted the history of innovation that GE has.