1. EMC2: Mind your manners

EMC2 came to us with a very sensitive problem. Many of their thousands strong employees were behaving in impolite ways and were not aware of common good manners. This was creating turbulence at the facility and leading to unpleasantness. We created a mascot for good manners and polite behaviour who can get the point across with gentle humour. We named this person ‘Mannersaab’ (Mr. Manners).


(this case is covered in detail in our case studies section)



2. EMC2: Getting people to innovate


The EMC2 Centre of Excellence in India was lagging behind the rest of the world when it came to submitting entries for the Global Innovation Showcase. In the year before EMC2 came to us, they had less than 5 entries. We built our communication around Archimedes and his ‘Eureka’ moment. Using posters, mailers and installations, we created a lot of excitement around the event. As a consequence, EMC2 received over 100 entries and two of those made the global shortlist.