Onestà is a pizzeria & patisserie started in 2015 with the singular vision of creating great quality food served in an ambience of love and warmth. With honesty and generosity being the core values, the restaurant creates a stay as long as you want and eat as much as you like atmosphere by offering great value for money for unlimited meals. With a menu of delectable pizzas, pasta, beverages and a variety of desserts, the brand gained popularity among youngsters very quickly. From a single restaurant in 2015, Onesta now has 23 outlets across multiple cities and the expansion spree remains a continual process.



The business was booming on weekends but the footfall suffered on Wednesdays. A plan had to be made to beat the mid-week crisis for the brand. Being a digital-first brand, the best way to reach its customers was through social media, but cutting through the barrage and capturing attention was a concern.



 What’s the best way to grab a person’s attention? By calling out their name. When you make them feel special by using their name, and dangle the promise of unlimited pizzas and desserts, making the offer irresistible.


We came up with the #NameoftheWeek offer to increase revenue on Wednesdays. It was an offer wherein, people with the combination of four letters in their name, could claim a free meal with unlimited pizza and desserts. Since nobody likes to eat alone, the person claiming the free meal would come with friends who would pay for their meals, thereby earning revenue for the brand.







Footfalls on Wednesday increased by 550%. The revenue on Wednesdays tripled and the social media engagement was higher than any other F&B business. With friendly interactions and service both digitally and at the restaurant, it soon lived up to its Instagram’s handle name Onestalove. The idea was also awarded the “Best Low Budget Marketing Campaign (Digital)” at the MCube awards 2018.