The beauty business in India is very individual beautician driven. Women feel she has the knowledge of each customer’s likes and dislikes as well as what suits the customer in terms of style and treatment. While there were chains of salons, most of the business went to beauty parlours and salons run by individuals.

YLG decided to buck this trend with a chain of full service beauty salons. There were two unique features that YLG brought:

a. CRM technology to share customer preferences across the city. This ensured that personalised service could happen at any salon a customer went to.

b. Innovative technology in beauty treatments.


While women visit several salons for beauty treatment, they soon settle on one for its combination of stylist, cost and convenience. They grow to trust the stylist for the way she makes them look and until the stylist moves, they don’t risk trying a new salon for beauty services. How do we break this loyalty?


People are far more willing to experiment with ‘hygiene’ services, e.g. waxing of arms and legs, basic facials and so on.


By highlighting how our new technology makes these services better – and by tying trials to discounts – we were sure of getting walk-ins. We would then use their satisfaction to sell beauty and styling services.


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YLG was able to add several thousand loyal customers.