Udayavani is the dominant Kannada newspaper in the coastal region of Karnataka, one of the Southern Indian states. One of the richest and most developed areas of the state, consumers in this region tend to be good spenders and targets for advertisers. Udayavani has a circulation in this region that exceeds the circulation of all the other Kannada papers combined.

However, an aggressive newspaper baron was about to launch his paper on the coast, offering distributors the paper for free to cut into Udayavani’s share. This would enable him to gain a significant share of the advertising spend.


How to protect dominance without coming across as defensive and thereby make the brand seem weak.


We decided to ignore the possible threat altogether. We then positioned Udayavani not just as the paper of the coast, but as its language, giving a tangible expression to the loyalty it commands.


Loyalty always becomes stronger when it can find a rallying cry.

The Work

Our rallying cry was “My language is Udayavani”, not any of the languages that are actually spoken. This larger than life sentiment was first delivered by notables in the region: religious and spiritual leaders, celebrities, leading businessmen.


The competition’s launch was a damp squib as no one – distributors, newsagents or readers – was willing to shift from Udayavani.