The 800 pound gorilla in adhesives in India is Fevicol. It rules in every category. In the wood adhesive segment, it talks to carpenters promising an unbreakable bond but doing so with humour and charm. As a result, Fevicol commands a 90% market share in the segment.

For decades, other brands had been trying to build shares of more than a few percent. Jivanjor (the name means ‘bond for life’) was one such.


The only reason anyone bought any other adhesive was if it was cheaper than Fevicol. But that is a no-win situation, specially for Jivanjor which wanted to become a strong No. 2.


While Fevicol targeted the carpenter – the person who actually bought adhesive in most cases, we decided to talk to designers, carpenters and end users. Fevicol has built its brand on humorous advertising and its promise of a bond that no one can break.

We had to be different. So we rebranded and repackaged Jivanjor as the high technology adhesive for strong bonds, adopting a much more serious tone of voice.

The Work

Our work hinged on the line, “Do something new” with a new technology adhesive. Advertising showed how boring designs (which are all that are possible with the ‘old’ adhesive) can be transformed into an entirely new and exciting space.


Jivanjor now commands a nearly 20% of share in the regions it was relaunched in.