GR Thangamaligai is the No. 1 jeweller in Chennai (and in India). Nothing seems to stop their growth, but one particular category was extremely slow moving: expensive platinum jewellery (worth several hundred thousand Rupees or more).

Stuck with hundreds of millions of rupees in unsold platinum jewellery, and impressed by the work done for Platinum Guild, GRT called in Plan B.


We needed to find a way to get the product off the shelf, but without reducing the cachet built for platinum. That too in a market that had traditionally been the weakest for platinum jewellery.


When a girl gets married and leaves home, an Indian father never counts the cost.


We rebranded these pieces as the Wedding Collection. We positioned it as the right jewellery for the bride whose father always did his best for her. Because if this daughter did not deserve platinum, who did?

The Work

On her wedding day, a father is thinking of all the things that he has done for his daughter and how he would never hold back on giving her the best: in life, in learning, in jewellery. Because if this daughter did not deserve platinum, who did?

GRT - Pressad - Nonbleed - 216 x 266.7mm GRT - Pressad - rings - Nonbleed - 216 x 266

The Result

Every piece was sold, including the several that cost more than a million rupees!