GE has a 5000 strong research establishment in Bangalore. Known as the John F. Welch Technology Centre, it is one of GE’s Centres of Excellence worldwide. In line with an international policy to increase diversity at the workplace (which has been proven to improve quality of output in an organisation), GE wanted to increase the number of women employed at the Centre.


While a number of women enter the workforce, many drop out when they marry or have children. This is primarily because employers insist on fixed timings, late working and also because professional childcare is not easily available in India. Cultural factors also force a woman to quit her career. All this leads to a reduction in the number of qualified, experienced and capable women at work.


GE was offering flex-time and child support to working mothers. We decided that we will specifically target women who have stopped working for family reasons, naming the programme ‘RESTART’ and telling them why it was time to come back to work.

The Work

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GE had wanted at least ten returnees. We helped them exceed their target comfortably.