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The real difference between successful results and an “also – ran” brand is Ideas. But where do Ideas come from? Not just evocative briefs. Not just sharp creative strategies. Nor great positioning statements or bright creative people. So where do Ideas come from? We believe that all Big Ideas sit on the converging point between the truth about the brand, the disruptive thinking behind its existence and a deep consumer insight. This converging point is an articulation of what the brand “believes” in. It’s unique, true point-of-view. Call it the “DNA” if you like. We prefer to call it the Brand Code. Everything at Plan B begins with the articulation of the Brand Code.


So how does all this work?

Developing effective communication at Plan B, involves a 4 step process.

Discovery |  Articulation of the Brand Code | The creative solution | The execution


There are two outcomes of the process of discovery.
1. A clear definition of the problem or opportunity.
2. A clear truth or insight that will drive the Brand Code.

The more rigorously we dig, the better the result. The “truth” or insight will drive the Brand Code and a clear definition of the problem will drive the actual strategy.

We use a combination of scientific research, grunt work and plain insightful thinking as our tools of discovery. We have extensive experience with marketing research as well as a practiced eye that can read between the lines of the research.

Articulating the Brand Code

The core of everything at Plan B is the Brand Code.

The Brand Code is a strong point of view about what the brand believes in.
>Articulating it helps give a brand its voice; helps breathe life into it; and inspires all brand decisions,  from products to communication. We are experts in unearthing and articulating the Brand Code.

The Brand Code is not a substitute for the rigorous planning process. It only serves to direct it, be its guiding light.

The Brand Code requires creativity and it needs rigorous discipline. And it is this carefully crafted blend of the beauty of design and discipline of business thinking that makes Plan B a special place.


The Creative Solution

Predictably, this is the most exciting stage of the process.

The Brand Code and consumer insights form the basis of the creative strategy as well as the springboard for our creative ideas. Our team of graphic designers and writers, interpret these insights – developing communication that is disruptive, relevant and result oriented.

The Execution

This is the ‘roll-up-sleeves’ stage of the process. We use our unique “Plan B Standards” process that ensures uniformity and high quality implementation of the design programme.

Our in-house team works closely with approved vendors to mount a cost-effective roll out programme.