Our tools are ideas and our purpose is to deliver results for our client’s brands. We do this with passion, skills and commitment. We help breathe life into our brands. More importantly, we help in giving a brand its voice. Express its belief. Articulate its unique point-of-view. Finally, we use powerful creative ideas and effective design to solve problems, leverage opportunities and help build strong relationships between brands and their consumers.


When you work with Plan B, you are assured of three things:

  1. We will nourish your brand with original thinking & ideas and help you create an asset that is healthy and strong.
  2. We will bring clarity to your business with sharply focused thinking and our unique branding process.
  3. You will achieve your business objective :
  • Whether your objective is to increase market share or create awareness.
  • Whether you are seeking to turnaround your brand or planning to launch a new brand.
  • Whether it is a logo redesign or a clutter breaking packaging design.